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Energy Audits in Caribbean Households & Energy Saving Tips
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Source: CAREEP
  • Saving Energy Around The Home - Energy Efficiency Tips
Source: Reduction Revolution
  • 5 Easy Ways You Can Save Energy (US)
Source: EnergySage
Solar PV

IRENA: Training Videos for Rooftop Solar PV

Home Energy Management

Energy-Efficient Room Cooling

  • How to shade your windows for a cool home:
  • Passive Cooling Strategies:
  • Roof and walls design by climatic zone:
  • Smart Design for Hot/Humid Climates:
  • Top 5 Dumbest Ways to build in the South
Energy-Efficient Water heating
  • What's the most energy efficient way to boil water?
Energy-Efficient Lighting
  • How to calculate savings from LED lightbulbs
  • Why Are LED's Better? (Comparing different types of light bulbs)